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Artist Biography

mojokoBorn in Iran, raised in Hong Kong and educated in Europe, Mojoko (Steve Lawler) attended the prestigious FABRICA art residency in Treviso, Northern Italy in 2001.  Launching his interactive design career at Diesel HQ, he quickly climbed through the creative industry as an artist, designer, art director and Creative Director.  Steve is also the creator of the Kult Magazine, Gallery and Studio in Singapore.

His work has expanded into curation, installation, interactive design and fine art.  Having worked with some of the most exciting artists, designers and animators around the world, he now operates within a network of over 600 artists under the label Kult.

His artistic work is an exploration of Trash Pop culture colliding with the old and historical, mixing media such as computer programming, digital sculpture, painting and printmaking.  His works have regularly been showcased around the world at international institutions and independent galleries.

Reacting to the bombardment of images of today’s visual culture, he reworks and spits out mutations of the glossy pop, advertising world.  The work is a reaction to living in modern Asia.  TV, internet and outdoor advertising culture has influenced every aspect of his work, and his focus is dedicated to learning those tools of visual communication in order to subvert them.

“I’m interested in creating art that is accessible. I like that a person on a bus could ride past my sculptures or stand in front of my artwork and understand what I’m trying to say. They know the conventions and stereotypes of the character. I can then use that knowledge to subvert and call attention to a subject.” - Mojoko


March 2016: “Artist Spotlight: Mojoko Shares His Inspiration, Influences and Favourite Galleries” – Harper’s Bazaar, Singapore

July 2015: “The Kult of Artiness” – Cosmopolitan

May 2015: “Growing Underground” – Esquire Magazine

January 2015: “The Illusionist” – Art Republik

March 2014: “A ‘Pretty Grotesque’ Interview with Steve Lawler” – Singapore Tatler

May 2012: “Talking art, the end of hope, and Singapore culture with multifaceted creative…” – We Heart

February 2012: “Melting Superman at Singapore Art Museum” – My Modern Met


2016 – Singapore SPRMRKT Solo Show: “Mystery Island”

2015 – Biennale de Lille: “Renaissance – Reborn”

2015 – Lille 3000 Art Experience Invitee

2014 – Rijksmuseum, Iceland: Interactive installation

2014 – Manila, Philippines: Kanto Gallery Print Show with TEEBS

2014 – Singapore: NeoFolk Exhibition, Ikkan Art Space

2013 – Singapore: Singapore Art Museum, Yellow Ribbon Project (outdoor sculpture)

2013 – Singapore: Singapore Art Museum, Interactive Installation (Reactive Room)

2012 – Tokyo, Japan: Clear Edition Gallery, “No One Can Save Us” Dual Exhibition

2012 – Singapore: White Canvas Gallery, “Culture Crash” Dual Exhibition

2012 – Singapore: 8Q SAM, Kids Garden, Interactive Installation Group Show

2012 – Singapore: Singapore Art Museum, “Future Proof” Group Show (outdoor sculpture)

2011 – Singapore: Elephant Parade Artist

2011 – Singapore: Vue Prive Gallery, “Pretty Grotesque” Solo Exhibition

“No One Can Save Us”

mojoko-et-eric-foenander-no-one-can-save-us-now-1“No One Can Save Us”, Melting Superhero by Mojoko and Eric Foenander, Future Proof, Singapore Art Museum, 2012

“No One Can Save Us” was derived from the larger-than-life Melting Superhero which was placed in front of the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) during the 2012 Future Proof exhibition.

A collaboration between Mojoko and fellow artist Eric Foenander, the massive figure in blue tights and a red codpiece was hard to miss and even more striking for its lack of torso and head.  At first glance it was comical – this gaudy, brawny mess dripping and dissolving like a giant candle.  But it didn’t take long before the message was clear – No One Can Save Us.

The artwork sums up how even our superheroes can’t prevent us from continuing to heat up the planet and destroy our own existence.

The sculpture has recently relocated to the prestigious Parc De Villette in Paris for its summer show 2016.

Addicted is excited to partner with Mojoko and showcase “No One Can Save Us” – the prints.

“The Prints”


No One Can Save Us – No. 4

Mojoko (Steve Lawler)


No One Can Save Us – No. 5

Mojoko (Steve Lawler)


No One Can Save Us – No 6.

Mojoko (Steve Lawler)


No One Can Save Us – No. 7

Mojoko (Steve Lawler)


No One Can Save Us – No. 8

Mojoko (Steve Lawler)


No One Can Save Us – No. 9

Mojoko (Steve Lawler)


No One Can Save Us – No. 10

Mojoko (Steve Lawler)


No One Can Save Us – No. 11

Mojoko (Steve Lawler)


No One Can Save Us – No. 12

Mojoko (Steve Lawler)