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Van Dinh Quan

"A mother is the Sky, a mother is the Earth...I honour women from the love, despair and doubt that they impart in me."

Vietnamese artist Dinh Quan graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts College in 1990 and has become recognised as a master of lacquer art. Dinh Quan has adapted his lacquer art to combine other artistic disciplines such as sculpture and is constantly experimenting with innovative and more complex techniques. He has become something of a national treasure as an artist and his work is highly regarded in his home country.

The strong and resilient female form, often depicted in a refined, surrealist style, has been at the core of his work. Whilst some of his female imagery has an almost ghostlike feel, he is most famous for his depiction of women with their strength reflected in the multi-layered lacquers that have become his signature. He is also heavily influenced by his homeland, relationships, emotions and his Buddhist beliefs.

Dinh Quan has had extensive local and international success and has exhibited throughout Asia, Europe and America.


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Van Dinh Quan