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In 1988 the Taittinger Champagne company created a unique marketing campaign which became synonymous with its luxury brand.

L’ Instant Taittinger, as the poster was named, captured the elegant image of Grace Kelly who had died some years earlier leaving her image more or less in the public domain. The iconic placement of her stylish figure behind a filled champagne glass created an exotic and sensual image. The fact she was so widely celebrated and mourned after her death did no harm at all to the campaign’s success. Claude Taittinger, President of the Taittinger empire launched the multi-faceted advertising campaign in December 1988.

The poster became an instant classic, spawning millions of reproductions around the world. The allure of an anonymous artist further served to increase curiousity in the brand and the poster itself.

An additional print called ‘Taittinger Gloved Hand’ was also released as part of the campaign.


L’Instant Taittinger