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Srihadi Soedarsono

Regarded as one of the great masters of modern Indonesian painting, artist Srihadi Soedarsono is celebrated for his use and understanding of colours and their visual power.

In Soedarsono’s early years he gained a reputation for producing ‘resistance’ posters for the nationalist party being besieged by the Dutch in Yogyakarta. He gained a reputation as a pro ‘western’ artist who was generally frowned upon by the authorities.

During the 60’s his art was well recognised and he was central to introducing the ‘colour field’ concept that moved him to the forefront of Indonesian art. He is best known for his paintings of graceful dancers and those of his landscapes and horizons which give rise to feelings of spirituality.

The dancers painted by Srihadi Soedarsono embody beauty, grace and elegance. There is harmony and balance in the movements of his subjects. His landscapes frequently depict culturally important Javanese sites like Mount Merapi and Borobudur. His Borobudur images portray a sense of serenity and solitude between man and nature.

Soedarsono’s art has become widely celebrated and popular but he remains unperturbed by the frenzy, instead he is focussed on a quest for spirituality and his expression of that through his paintings and prints.

During 2004 Soedarsono was artist in residence at STPI in Singapore and of this experience he says, “I gained value, spirituality, by this experience and I believe this also added a new colour to my art.”


Horizon – The Energy of Singapore

Srihadi Soedarsono