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G.A. Dandekar

A farmer’s son, G. A. Dandekar had a childhood fascination with nature thanks to the idyllic surrounds of his homeland in the foothills of Sahyadri, otherwise known as the Western Ghats of India. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is notable for its biological diversity. This environment was to form the underlying influence on Dandekar’s early landscape paintings.

Dandekar’s sister and husband encouraged his move to Mumbai where he joined an art school to pursue his love of painting.

Later travels throughout India inspired a new direction for Dandekar when he found beauty and appreciation in India’s people, its colourful celebrations, village life and interactions with nature. He works to replicate these influences on canvas in his own unique way. His work reflects a vibrancy and is instantly appealing to the average viewer, with his use of colours vividly bringing the magnetic pace of India to life.

Dandekar quotes Picasso, Matisse and the Indian masters as inspirations.

Dandekar has exhibited in many solo and group shows throughout Asia. He has appeared on television in sponsored art programmes and has been commissioned by several large organisations. His works can also be found in many private collections worldwide.


Bride To Be

G.A. Dandekar