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Eric Foenander

“I draw stuff. It’s all I’ve done, and loved doing, since I first saw my dad pick up a pencil and sketch out a cheetah for me.”

Singapore-based Eric Foenander, a skilled artist with oil and acrylic paint, has been art-centric since his toddler years. Now grown-up, Eric’s focus is primarily on digital art with a strong focus on advertising and animation. Also known as TheTownJeweller, Efoe and Easy E, Eric was born in Singapore but spent 10 years in South Australia during his late teens and early 20’s.

Eric’s style is laid back and fun, the extremity of the heat and humidity in Singapore influencing everything from his art to his choice of t-shirt.

In 2012 Eric, in conjunction with Mojoko, created a melting Superman sculpture entitled, “No One Can Save Us”, a commentary on global warming. The sculpture was installed on the front lawn of the Singapore Art Museum and was part of an exhibition - The Singapore Show: Future Proof - featuring 26 young Singaporean artists.

More recently Foenander collaborated with British restaurant MEATSMITH for the artwork at its new location in Singapore.


Future Nostalgia (Singapore)

Eric Foenander