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D.P. Pupuk

Pupuk Daru Purnomo creates oil and watercolour masterpieces depicting the colourful lives of the people of his homeland in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and the mystique of Borobudur (the ancient Buddhist temples just outside Yogyyakarta).

Pupuk graduated from the Indonesia Institute of Arts (ISI) in 1994. During college Pupuk won the Best Painting prize in the ISI seventh anniversary celebrations.

The ordinary and everyday aspects of life are captured in Pupuk’s work, particularly the people that make up a community. Pupuk’s style is unlike others of his generation and cannot be specifically defined as contemporary. He is more obviously influenced by his Javanese heritage than others. He is not a particularly ‘productive’ painter and thus his work has gradually increased in value over time as his paintings are hunted by collectors due to rarity.

1997 saw D. P. Pupuk achieve Finalist ranking in the prestigious Philip Morris Indonesian Art Award.

D. P. Pupuk has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions throughout Asia with several of his works housed in the collection of the Singapore Art Museum.


Interior Buddha

D.P. Pupuk