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Beejoir’s art career began as a young boy with a can of spray paint. Little did he know his graffiti habit would become a professional past time.

“I remember the day someone asked for me to paint a canvas and sell it to them, it was a bolt out of the blue.” Until that point, Beejoir had taken turns at being a dive instructor, coffin builder and a barman, to name but a few of his occupations.

Beejoir was a childhood nickname that stuck, he is otherwise known as the “Man with the golden spray-gun”.

Beejoir’s creations have appeared on walls all over the planet. Among his best known images are LV Child, Turin Scam and his dripping spot paintings.

Known for his irreverent work that is both provocative and powerful, Beejoir is strongly influenced by the consumer culture he sees around him, capitalism in general and television. His pieces are satirical in nature and make their own commentary on vices and pop culture. He is also particularly irked by Rupert Murdoch’s empire.

Beejoir’s thought-provoking works can be found in sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography and stencil mediums.

His work is collected by hip hop artists, celebrities and members of the royal family and has been featured in sell-out shows throughout the world. Beejoir has also been featured in several publications and television programmes.

Beejoir currently divides his time between the United Kingdom and Bangkok, Thailand.


LV Child