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Brooklyn born BÄST uses collages to create “mutated characters” and “mutated scenes” in a street art style. He has been branding the streets of New York and Europe with his thought-provoking satirical images for more than 15 years. His work features iconic images from 20th and 21st century consumerism, mashing up fast food branding, cartoon characters and sex advertisements into ironic visual images of consumer culture.

BÄST is somewhat of a recluse and there were rumours suggesting he did not exist at all. Indeed BÄST does refuse interviews but has been quoted as saying, “I go to sleep with a pizza on my chest. It’s embarrassing.” Banksy has said BÄST represents Brooklyn “by speaking with a deep Williamsburg drawl that makes Al Pacino sound like a girl, but mainly he does it by making art that actually feels like Brooklyn.”

This pizza loving artist has also collaborated with FAILE and designer Marc Jacobs. His exhibitions are rare but attract significant global attention.


Chanel Girl 2008


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