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Alan Aldridge

Alan Aldridge was born in London, England and spent his formative years doing odd jobs. He received no formal art education but during the 60’s Aldridge started to draw portraits around the pubs of Soho and was then offered a job as an illustrator at The Sunday Times Magazine.

Aldridge began work as a freelance designer for Penguin Books and was eventually offered a job as Art Director. His time at Penguin gained him a reputation as ‘the’ artist to know in London. He designed science fiction book covers that clearly reflected the moods of the era and turned the humble paperback cover into a work of popular art.

Eventually, Aldridge established his own graphic design studio called INK. His friendship with a little known band of the time, The Beatles, culminated in Aldridge designing various album covers and illustrated lyrics for them.

Aldridge is credited with shaping the distinctive graphic style of the 60’s and 70’s through his work of that era. His album cover illustrations are typical of the psychedelic style of the time with his flowing, cartoony style airbrushing and technicolour notes instantly recognisable.

In 1973 Aldridge illustrated a picture book called The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper Feast, his representations of human-like insects won him much acclaim.

Aldridge has worked with Elton John, Cream, The Who and The Rolling Stones. In 2008 the Design Museum in London showcased a retrospective of Aldridge’s work over the decades.

Aldridge now lives in Los Angeles, California where he continues to paint.


Chelsea Girls

Alan Aldridge

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